Welcome to Kraut, a beautiful puzzle game
for the iPhone and iPod touch
"[...] brilliant graphics, sound effects, cute music, wonderful animations, and an overall sense of style that I rarely see in games. There are so many little notions, florishes, unexpected animations and generally cool things, and it all fits together seamlessly."
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"I must say that I am quite impressed by the quality and unique design of the game. It is refreshing to see that not only the [big companies] can come up with well polished and actually fun games!

Kraut has many unique ideas that are well implemented. The well thought out Campaign mode will keep you busy for a long time."

"If you are looking for a special game in the sea of matching games, Kraut is highly recommended to bring out that inner child and make you happy!
We love this game."
Green Chicken Labs

Thanks to Doug from dyerware.com, Kraut is available for free in the AppStore again:
Link to "Kraut Puzzles" in the AppStore